Recording Solutions

SpeechWrite offer a wide range of dictation recording devices to suit your individual needs.

Our mobile and desktop solutions save you time and resources by allowing you to work more flexibly than ever before. Integrated Wi-Fi function and dedicated microphones let you record and share your files from anywhere and anytime.Whether you are a solicitor working remotely out of the office or a GP based at your surgery we have the perfect dictation hardware solution for you.

SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset

Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset has been specially designed to match the needs of users who frequently use dictation or speech recognition to create documents.

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SpeechAir Smart Voice Recorder

The SpeechAir smart voice recorder saves you time and resources by enabling off-site recording and upload to make you more productive than ever before.

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Philips Digital PocketMemo

The PocketMemo DPM8000 dictation recorder takes dictation to new levels of convenience and technical efficiency with a series of ergonomic benefits and in-built recording options.

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Philips SpeechMike Premium

The Philips SpeechMike LFH3500 Premium Dictation Recorder from Philips is the result of several years worth of research and development to create the ultimate desktop recording microphone.

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SpeechMike Air Wireless

The SpeechMike Premium Air dictation recorder has reached its highest stage of evolution. Benefit from all advantages of the industry leading dictation microphone, without the constraints of a cable.

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Philips SpeechMike Pro

This USB microphone from Philips has a unique one-thumb-operation design for a comfortable fit in your hand and ergonomically placed buttons in the “Dictation Zone” ensure quick operation.

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Grundig Digta 7 Portable Dictaphone

The Grundig Digta 7 Portable mobile dictation device with slide switch is perfectly suited for beginners and people wanting to switch to digital. It is delivered with an extra large and rich in contrast display.

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Grundig Digta SonicMic 3

Push button microphone with trackpad and mouse buttons. Control the most important functions of your speech recognition and navigate precisely inside your documents.

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Olympus RecMic II 4010P

The Olympus RecMic II is perfect for users of real-time speech recognition. The RM-4010P is equipped with a trackball, offering easy and fast mouse control.

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Olympus DS9500 Portable Dictaphone

Two microphones ensure flawless speech quality in every situation. Use WiFi to share your files from the DS-9500. Enjoy greater efficiency and more time for the things that are important to you.

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