Home working tech solutions

Tue 02 March 21

Home working tech solutions

Agile working – where fee earners and admin teams can work flexibly both in terms of location and time has never been as important as it is now.

Here’s an introduction to some tech solutions that can be set up quickly and easily to enhance your remote working capabilities.

Home working tech solutions - News

Introducing the 360 Cloud Mobile App

SpeechWrite’s 360 mobile app brings the full benefits of our digital dictation and voice recognition workflow to mobile devices, providing maximum flexibility to our customers. Amongst other things, it allows you to:


    Increase your efficiency – instead of being tied to your computer in your office, you can dictate written documents from home – all you need is your phone. This means you can spend less time on admin and more time engaging with clients and getting business done.


      Save your time – whether it’s your time spent in front of a word processing program, or the time of your secretarial or admin team, our digital dictation and voice recognition solution can free up time for other important tasks.


        Connect and send work to your secretaries/admin team wherever they are. All they need is an internet connection to log in and receive work.

          Scalable Solution

          Scalability and flexibility are at the core of the solution. Users and groups can be set up almost instantaneously; allowing managers to limit or increase document accessibility on the go.

          How secure is it?

          Security, reliability, and integrity of both the system itself and the data contained within are taken very seriously by SpeechWrite.

          The platform is UK hosted entirely in the cloud on Amazon Web Services. The AWS cloud infrastructure offers the most powerful, flexible and secure cloud-computing environment available today. AWS is compliant with an array of framework accreditations including ISO 27017 for cloud security and ISO 27018 for cloud privacy.

          Furthermore, unlike other providers in our market access to your data is given at any time without restriction which offers complete peace of mind for our clients.

          Training and set up

          We can train and set up users quickly and easily, all from a remote connection.

          If you want to learn more about our remote working solutions please contact legal@speechwrite.com or visit our web-site www.speechwrite.com.

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