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  • The ‘job-list’ interface of SpeechExec Enterprise has revolutionised our office management capabilities…our downtime has been reduced to almost zero and the corresponding guidance and support from SpeechWrite Digital has been second-to-none.

    John Waldron, Consultant for Everett Tomlin Lloyd & Pratt

  • The secretarial software allows us to maximise their time, by outsourcing routine dictation files for transcription. This allows our secretaries to free up typing time, which can be better used to undertake more pressing and complex administrative tasks.

    Alison Hoy, Chief Executive for Berry Smith

  • We are delighted with the new Enterprise application; tangibly, this has resulted in a surge in company productivity and a quicker response time to clients.

    Matt Cooper, ICT Manager for Brewer Harding & Rowe

  • The new system has been a great addition to our health centre. The basic commands are self-explanatory and the system itself provides very accurate, instantaneous dictation notes as we speak.

    Sam Wallis, Business Administrator at Alcester Health Centre

  • By integrating voice recognition into the digital dictation system, we have found that we can dictate and distribute any letter, statement or court application within an hour.

    James Last, Senior Partner for Broadbents Solicitors

  • SpeechWrite Digital’s overhaul of our author-to-secretary dictation methods has completely changed the way our firm operates. Gone are the days of backlogs of transcripts waiting to be processed and real-time dictation draining resources.

    Annmarie Wilde, Partner for Coley & Tilley

  • A particular advantage was the elimination of the “one fee-earner to one secretary” ethic – which limited our clerical automation and caused a respective imbalance of tasks.

    Lisa Smith, Practice Manager for Cygnet Law

  • Voice recognition enabled our four GP’s to create typed text instantly, in both a correspondence format and within EMIS, this significantly maximised our time efficiency and took pressures off our internal clerical staff.

    Jenny Davies, Practice Manager for Ellesmere Medical Practice

  • The ability to share work in busy periods has been revolutionary for our firm. We have been able to maximise our clerical resources, with both a crystal-clear digital recording method and a well-structured workflow system.

    Christopher Ogden, Practice Manager for Matwala Vyas

  • The dictation system installed by SpeechWrite is already proving its worth. With digital technology so much a part of everyday life, it’s natural to implement the best possible solutions in our medical practice.

    Donna Aydon, Practice Manager at Parkway Medical Group

  • All our doctors are equipped with Dragon Medical for time saving measures. All elements of this application have been useful to our GPs – but its time efficiency has been a vital benefit.

    Dr Allister Woodstrover, GP for Shap Medical Practice

  • The new workflow solution provided St Anne’s with a new level of flexibility; the digital system means that doctors’ recordings can be created at any of our branch sites.

    Dawn Simmons, Practice Manager for St Anne’s Group Practice

  • SpeechWrite was great during installation, training and for ongoing project support, which is only a phone call away. Voice Recognition is almost error-free, while everyone agrees that the benefits to accuracy and efficiency are making a real difference to productivity

    Nicola Gillet, Partner at Moore & Tibbits Solicitors

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