Warwick solicitors digital upgrade dictated by technological progress

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 8th June 2017

Warwick-based law firm Moore & Tibbits Limited has transformed its workflow system by upgrading its digital solution to suit its remote working requirement. Dictating lengthy documents and emailing them for transcription, often via mobile phone with a patchy WiFi signal, was inefficient and time-consuming so the firm’s productivity had been suffering. After consultation with digital dictation experts SpeechWrite, the firm has adopted SpeechWrite Enterprise, with SpeechWrite Voice, for automated workflow.

Remote Working

The largest solicitors’ practice in Warwick, employing 52 staff across three offices, Moore & Tibbits Limited combines general practice with a selection of niche law areas, such as continuing health care and Court Protection work. With the interconnectivity of devices and the ability to work remotely, the current working environment has opened out considerably. As part of their weekly routine, members of the Private Client team run a range of advice seminars aimed at Independent Financial Advisors and attend free legal advice clinics for Age UK and CAB in a number of locations around Warwickshire. This means remote working is an integral part of their daily lives.

SpeechWrite Enterprise

The time it took for audio dictation and manual transcription was looked at, as part of a review of the company’s PC refresh programme, which was aimed at streamlining work practices. SpeechWrite talked Moore & Tibbits through what upgraded technology was available at their price point, demonstrating the benefits in terms of productivity and efficiency before recommending SpeechWrite Enterprise. A mobile phone app was an important part of the solution. This made for easy remote working, using Philips SpeechMike Microphones. The new system has integrated seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure.

Christopher Houghton, Director of Moore & Tibbits Limited said, “SpeechWrite have been brilliant during installation and provided full training on how to use the new products. They’re also there for ongoing support too, should any glitches arise. We’ve found SpeechWrite Voice is a significant improvement on earlier versions. Everyone has commented on how intuitive the digital tech is to use, with the help to remote working being noted as a major plus”.


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