Legal Cloud Dictation & Voice Recognition

SpeechWrite 360 is a state of the art cloud hosted voice recognition and dictation workflow solution designed to meet the agile and flexible working needs of the modern day solicitor.

Streamline your legal documentation and admin process by using SpeechWrite 360. Seamlessly link authors and transcribers to speed up document turnaround and boost productivity for your firm.

Request your free 30 day trial of the SpeechWrite 360 mobile app today.  Dictate, review, edit and approve on the go using iOS, Android or your desktop.


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Working anywhere and anytime with the highest security standards


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Ensuring data security and availability.

Built on the leading Amazon Web Services cloud platform, your data is kept secure and encrypted.

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360 Mobile

Dictate, review, edit and approve on the go.

Using the mobile app notes, correspondence and reports can be reviewed, edited and signed by authors on the go. SpeechWrite 360 allows professionals to focus on clients by delivering solutions when or where they need them.

360 Voice

SpeechWrite 360 brings you the next generation of voice recognition.

Fully integrated within your workflow solution, 360 voice allows you to dictate from any device, electronically sign, send in real time, track
and edit your document all within the same system.

360 Security

The SpeechWrite 360 platform is UK hosted entirely in the cloud on Amazon Web Services.

The AWS cloud infrastructure offers the most powerful, flexible and secure cloud-computing environment available today. AWS services also comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

360 Reporting

Access real-time data-driven metrics to provide insight into organisational workflows and drive meaningful process improvement.

Keep track of your workflows by using the 360 reporting dashboards. Allow managers to track their live workflows, whilst also delivering insights that help drive efficiency.

360 Workflow

Our workflow management solution has been developed by authors, putting usability, security and organisational efficiency
at the heart of the platform.

Dictate, track, edit and approve tasks on iOS, Android and desktop. SpeechWrite 360 delivers the full dictation workflow.

360 Integration

SpeechWrite 360 easily and quickly integrates directly into your existing applications, creating an end to end process and workflow solution.

Seamless integration with SpeechWrite 360 and your records management system significantly improves the efficiency and productivity of document creation.

SpeechWrite 360 Voice

How can you benefit from voice recognition? Get all the answers here and more…

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  • SpeechWrite 360 was so easy to deploy, with no requirement to install software locally. Users were set up in less than 5 minutes ready to dictate or receive work.

    Pauline Ekins, Practice Manager for Child Law Partnership

  • Guidance and support from SpeechWrite Digital has been second-to-none.

    John Waldron, Consultant for Everett Tomlin Lloyd & Pratt

  • The new Enterprise application… has resulted in a surge in company productivity…

    Matt Cooper, ICT Manager for Brewer Harding & Rowe

  • The best support team I have ever worked with

    Andy Clark, IT Manager for Wansbroughs Solicitors

  • The secretarial software allows us to maximise their time, by outsourcing routine dictation files for transcription.

    Alison Hoy, Chief Executive for Berry Smith

  • Integrating voice recognition… ensures we can maintain quick and efficient document turnaround…

    James Last, Senior Partner for Broadbents Solicitors

  • Gone are the days of backlogs of transcripts waiting to be processed and real-time dictation draining resources…

    Annmarie Wilde, Partner for Coley & Tilley

  • … The automatic routing ability of SpeechExec… meant that pending tasks could be managed department-wide…

    Lisa Smith, Practice Manager for Cygnet Law

  • The ability to share work in busy periods has been revolutionary for our firm. We have been able to maximise our clerical resources… and can now deliver an even better service…

    Christopher Ogden, Practice Manager for Matwala Vyas

  • Voice Recognition is almost error-free… the benefits to accuracy and efficiency are making a real difference to productivity.

    Nicola Gillet, Partner at Moore & Tibbits Solicitors

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