SpeechWrite at 20 – The Journey

Wed 19 May 21

SpeechWrite at 20 – The Journey

As SpeechWrite marks its 20th year of providing digital dictation and voice recognition solutions to help organisations increase their efficiency, we look at how the company has evolved over the years.

SpeechWrite specialises in providing agile working for legal and financial organisations, NHS medical trusts, and GP practices across the UK. Their customers range from SME sized law firms and financial organisations, GP surgeries through to leading legal firms such as Birkett Long and Aaron and Partners.

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The rise of flexible and remote working

Before it became known as SpeechWrite, the company started as the UK distributor of Dictaphone analogue products. As market trends changed, with an emerging emphasis on flexible and remote working, the management team realised that the reseller market would need to adapt quickly to meet new client requirements and take advantage of agile working processes.

Andrew Davies, Managing Director of SpeechWrite, explains the inception of the company:

"We listened to the market and evaluated the new products and software becoming available, consequently created SpeechWrite to provide a skilled workforce that understood the market, understood how solutions could facilitate clients' need to be more flexible, and which was able to offer the excellent levels of service they required."

Digital Dictation

Digital dictation was still in its infancy when SpeechWrite was formed. At the time, the the company just consisted of two people working out of a warehouse, testing new products and developing systems in readiness to offer the level of service the evolving market demanded. As time went on; the business developed from a digital hardware and software supplier to a provider of full-service digital dictation and voice recognition solutions. The firm collaboratively worked with our partners to build an end-to-end workflow solution for digital dictation and voice recognition, fully utilising cloud technology to maximise the benefits of flexible working.

A commitment to helping our clients adopt technology seamlessly.

The company's current focus is to continue developing technology that helps clients optimise their efficiency and stay a step ahead of the competition. The team strives to make solutions easy to use, ensuring that they fit around the clients' needs, and can be adopted seamlessly with minimal disruption to the workplace.

Andrew comments, 

"We believe that technology should work out of the box; and be easy to use and implement without spending valuable time setting things up and learning new procedures. Although we can help with deployment and staff training, our systems' adoption should not require a great deal of technical know-how. Instead, we design our solutions to be reliable, user-friendly and intuitive, so all our clients can gain maximum benefit, irrespective of whether or not they are tech-savvy."

Consultancy led

As a consultancy-led business with a commitment to their customers, SpeechWrite believe that clear communication with customers is critical. Always carefully listening to clients to understand their issues, pains, drivers and analysing their working practices to recommend the optimal solution for the clients' particular needs, rather than relying on a 'one box fits all' approach.

Experience has shown that a flexible and collaborative way of working yields the best results with a friendly client-first approach. 

"First and foremost, SpeechWrite is a family set up to support each other and, in turn, help our clients." 

Aleron Cawser, Operations Director, comments, 

"We recognise the value of our team and that our people drive the business forward. And by taking care of our employees, we can serve our clients with a friendly, approachable, and supportive approach."

The voice technology industry (which encompasses digital dictation and voice recognition) has a small talent pool. SpeechWrite has harnessed and cultivated this talent by deciding early on virtually everyone employed by the company would join as an apprentice or trainee. This is still true today.

Andrew explains that this approach: 

"Gives everyone, no matter which position they hold today, a real understanding of our friendly and straightforward approach to the market and how clients always come first."

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