Medical Voice Recognition

According to a recent GP practice survey eighty three percent of practices quoted an increase in overall practice efficiency as the number one benefit from using voice recognition.

Other top benefits included a reduction in duplication of work, easier to locate data and better workload division within the practice.

Medical voice recognition

Medical voice recognition allows clinicians to relay a patient’s care narrative verbally, and have it transcribed directly into the Electronic Health Record.

Our solutions allow doctors to speak directly into the patient record, recognising medical language, vocabulary and converting the dictated narrative into formatted text output.

Saving of one hour per day

Voice Recognition is ideal for primary care organisations, hospitals and clinics improving your experience in health data management, saving an hour or more of documentation time per day.

It is a simple, natural, intuitive tool to update your EPR and allows you to update the record anywhere, anytime – capturing the patient story on any device.

Improved patient experience and quality of care

Capture a more complete, accurate patient story to support better clinical decision making, improving both treatment and results.

Significant cost reductions for healthcare

Voice to text clinical documentation saves money for all parties by dramatically reducing the time for data input and documentation.

Increased record efficiency and accuracy

Save doctors and nurses significant time in their day and improve documentation accuracy to avoid the possibility of life-threatening errors.

Medical Record Supported Solutions

Full EMIS integration for Voice Recognition.

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Integrate with Digital Dictation

An efficient speech to text process.

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Voice Recognition - Medical Practice Edition.

Put your voice to work today.

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Top 5 reasons to speech-enable clinical documentation. How voice recognition helps improve clinician satisfaction, EHR adoption, data quality and financial performance.

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  • All our doctors are equipped with Dragon Medical… it’s time efficiency has been a vital benefit.

    Dr Allister Woodstrover, GP for Shap Medical Practice

  • The new system has been a great addition to our health centre… the system itself provides very accurate, instantaneous dictation.

    Sam Wallis, Business Administrator at Alcester Health Centre

  • The new hardware is significantly easier to use, which enabled a quick turnaround time for letters to patients and consultants.

    Donna Aydon, Practice Manager at Parkway Medical Group

  • Voice recognition enabled our four GP’s to create typed text instantly… this significantly maximised our time efficiency and took pressures off our internal clerical staff.

    Jenny Davies, Practice Manager for Ellesmere Medical Practice

  • The new workflow solution provided St Anne’s with a new level of flexibility… Doctors’ recordings can be created at any of our branch sites.

    Dawn Simmons, Practice Manager for St Anne’s Group Practice

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