Why speech recognition software from SpeechWrite Medical makes sense in your healthcare environment

Mon 15 February 21

Increasing pressure to improve clinical documentation

Many factors are putting increasing pressure on healthcare organisations to dramatically improve clinical documentation, from regulatory, economic and legal concerns, to patient safety and satisfaction standards.

The question is how to make it easier for clinicians to meet clinical documentation standards, whilst continuing to provide exceptional care to patients. Speech recognition software that works with other technologies within the NHS such as the Electronic Health Record (EHR) are a key part of answering this question.

Why speech recognition software from SpeechWrite Medical makes sense in your healthcare environment - News

As we know EHRs are a fundamental requirement in the healthcare landscape, but recent research has indicated that most organisations and practitioners are still struggling with EHR technologies. Getting doctors and other medical professionals to adopt and become proficient in EHR-related technology is essential to fulfilling the potential of clinical documentation improvement and in doing so, receiving the benefits of improved patient outcomes, greater financial results, compliance consistency and improved patient satisfaction.

There have been huge strides achieved in the quality, accuracy, performance and affordability of speech technology solutions over the years and we will be looking at five important reasons why this technology makes sense in your healthcare environment.

1. Improved Clinician Satisfaction.

    We all know that Clinicians want to spend as much time as possible with their patients and not wasting time on input processes based on EHR templates. When clinicians can utilise speech as the primary input at the beginning, during and after the patient consultation, essential information is captured such as comments, diagnoses and action plans. With the added benefit of mobile devices supporting speech technology clinicians are able to dictate on the go at any time and in anyplace creating a more streamlined clinical documentation process.

    2. Increased Clinician Adoption of EHRs and Improved Compliance.

      All healthcare organisations are aware of the incentives and penalties associated with the meaningful use provision in the Affordable Care Act, so ensuring that not only the deployment but also the acceptable usage levels of EHRs is a high priority. Speech recognition software from SpeechWrite Medical is already helping to boost meaningful use compliance by practitioners as it allows them to use familiar and preferred input methodology and avoid cumbersome and uncomfortable typing into EHR fields.

      3. Improved Volume and Quality of Data.

        Speech recognition allows for the capture of far more data than would be the case through written input or typing. This gives a much greater and richer array of data for deep analytics on everything from improved patient outcomes to more accurate record keeping. Speech recognition technology captures the narrative necessary to document care in the EHR, anywhere, any time and on any device.

        4. Cost Reduction.

          Speech enabled clinical documentation saves money for all parties by dramatically reducing the time for data input and documentation and significantly increases clinician productivity. With SpeechWrite Medical technology we give clinicians the ability to dictate directly into the EHRs and edit and sign their input meaning other care providers can access the information at the point of input as it will become immediately available in the EHR.

          5. Greater Accuracy.

            Possibly the most important goal of EHRs is being able to improve documentation accuracy to avoid the possibility of life-threatening errors and speech enabled clinical documentation is a key factor in achieving this goal. This will dramatically improve the data input quality and ensure better patient outcomes and facilitate clinician’s readiness for audits under ACA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as many other healthcare compliance initiatives. With speech recognition the clinician can dictate and send information or dictate directly into the EHR meaning the data input will always be secure and reliable.

            Some of the other key features and benefits of voice recognition software from SpeechWrite Medical within the medical environment are as follows:

            • Navigate and dictate directly into the EHR.

            SpeechWrite Medical allows clinicians, the ability to capture information directly into the EHR via voice recognition increases clinician satisfaction and productivity as well as improving data input and accuracy.

            • Flexible dictation options.

            With SpeechWrite Medical software, we allow clinicians the ability to dictate directly into the EHR as well as use traditional medical transcription along with hybrid approaches.

            • Multiple input devices.

            SpeechWrite Medical allows clinicians to use a variety of voice input devices including traditional dictation devices, tablets and smartphones.

            • Integrate with multiple EHRs.

            Your speech recognition solution will need to seamlessly integrate with whatever EHR the organisation works with, even if you are using more than one EHR. SpeechWrite Medical allows all this and more to be achieved in order to integrate delivery networks especially with the rise in mergers and acquisitions.

            • Expert customer service and user training with 24/7 support.

            SppechWrite Medical understands that a key goal to enhance clinician’s productivity and make it easier for them to spend more time with patients is to offer a dedicated Account Manager and support team who will address service issues quickly and deliver training that will bring users up to speed quickly and easily.

            Don’t take our word for it, why not request your FREE demonstration today and see how you can dictate, review, edit and approve anywhere, anytime and in anyplace using iOS, Android or your desktop.

            You can also keep up to date with our brand new LinkedIn medical page showcasing our dictation, voice recognition and video consultation solutions which will provide you with everything you need to know to help improve your efficiency during these ever-challenging times

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