Alex Kilby testimonial video

Thu 17 May 18

Alex Kilby Talks us Through the Benefits of Voice Recognition to His Firm

Following a successful implementation of a Digital Dictation and Voice Recognition solution, Devonalds' Partner, Alex Kilby, talks us through his experiences using the system.

One of the main benefits which Alex identified was the consistency the solution promoted within the firm. Alex stated that 

"SpeechWrite has given us a lot more consistency across the firm... In particular, it enables transcriber or secretaries to pick up work from other offices which then eases the workload across the firm."

Alex chose to make real emphasis on the relationship Devonalds has with SpeechWrite's support team. Alex stated that 

"We've always had an excellent working relationship with SpeechWrite, They have the modern product, but it's also backed up with an excellent service... You're never left on hold or waiting for someone to call back."

Our next video will be with Oliver Price, Partner at Wansbroughs Solicitors. He will take us through how Digital Dictation has affected his workflow on a day-to-day basis.

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