SpeechWrite 360 - A hosted mobile solution for law firms

Mon 02 July 18

SpeechWrite 360 - a hosted mobile solution for law firms

The latest research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) reveals that the overall cloud adoption rate in the UK now stands at 88 per cent, with 67 per cent of users expecting to increase their adoption of cloud-based services over the coming year. The top four reasons respondents gave for cloud take-up were delivery, flexibility, operational cost savings and scalability.

SpeechWrite 360 - A hosted mobile solution for law firms - News

The legal market has followed this trend with many firms opting for cloud solutions to meet growing client demands and changing office dynamics.

The SpeechWrite 360 cloud voice recognition and digital dictation workflow system offers customers all of these benefits and more. To reflect modern out-of-office working SpeechWrite 360 was created as a mobile-first cloud solution to help organisations create real agile working environments.

Dictate, track, edit and approve tasks on iOS, Android or desktop SpeechWrite 360 delivers the full mobile dictation and voice recognition workflow.

Reduced Costs

Andrew Davies, Managing Director for SpeechWrite Digital comments 

“With minimal upfront cost and no minimum term contract, SpeechWrite 360 can considerably reduce a law firms voice workflow and dictation costs– coupled without the need for installation or costly infrastructure - this creates a really attractive and flexible proposition for our customers.”
Andrew continues “With SpeechWrite 360 our customers are future proofed meaning they are always working on the most up to date technology. We host, maintain, update and manage system and workflow admin on their behalf taking the workload from them to us.”

Flexible Mobile Working

SpeechWrite 360 is available on any device, whether it be mobile, desktop or tablet. This means the user is not limited by device, system specification or otherwise. All the user needs is an internet connection to be able to access their dictations from anywhere, at any time.

Voice Recognition

SpeechWrite 360 brings you the next generation of voice recognition. Fully integrated within your workflow solution, 360 voice allows you to dictate from any device, electronically sign, send in real time, track and edit your document all within the same system.


SpeechWrite 360 integrates directly into a customer’s existing workflow and case management systems, creating an end to end process, helping customers develop an even more seamless workflow solution.

Cloud Security

Aleron Cawser, Operations Director comments 

“Security, reliability, and integrity of both the system itself and the data contained within are taken very seriously by SpeechWrite.

The platform is UK hosted entirely in the cloud on Amazon Web Services. The AWS cloud infrastructure offers the most powerful, flexible and secure cloud-computing environment available today. AWS is compliant with an array of framework accreditations including ISO 27017 for cloud security, ISO 27018 for cloud privacy, PCI DSS Level 1 and SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 including GDPR Regulations.”

“Furthermore, unlike other providers in our market access to your data is given at any time without restriction which offers complete peace of mind for our clients.”


Access real-time data-driven metrics to provide insight into organisational workflows and drive meaningful process improvement. Keep track of your workflows with user dashboards allowing managers to track their live workflows, whilst also delivering insights that help drive efficiency.

Scalable Solution

Scalability and flexibility are at the core of the solution. Users and groups can be set up almost instantaneously; allowing managers to limit or increase document accessibility on the go.

Prioritisation can be set by a click of a button to ensure that key documents are produced before tasks of lesser importance. This managerial workflow aid is essential in keeping turnaround time low and client satisfaction high.

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Book a one-to-one consultation with one of our specialists to see how SpeechWrite can add value to your organisation.

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