Digital dictation and the benefits for the medical sector

Fri 05 February 21

What is digital dictation?

Digital dictation is a simple method of recording and managing natural speech to enable easier handling of transcription into text either manually or using speech recognition software. It is typically used in the NHS for creating letters and reports but is also suitable for creating clinical notes to increase efficiency and save valuable time. As speaking is up to three times quicker than typing, recording patient reports can be done a lot more efficiently and accurately when utilising digital dictation.

Digital dictation and the benefits for the medical sector - News

What are the financial benefits?

Benefits of digital dictation can be gained in a number of ways. In all organisations the ability to manage all recordings digitally and use electronic workflow can significantly improve turn-around times and reduce the number of transcription staff you employ. By combining speech recognition, you will additionally remove the need for transcription altogether.

In a study at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust a team of 11 radiologists produced cash releasing savings of £69K per year and the return on investment was achieved within five months.

Digital dictation and speech recognition has been deployed extensively at a number of large acute trusts including Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust who are on track to deliver benefits of over £500k per year. The former North West strategic health authority estimate savings of £7million to £18million per year are currently being achieved across their region.


Why switch to digital dictation?

As you may be aware trusts are now required to meet Commissioning for Quality and Innovation targets that discharge documentation. These should be sent electronically and reach the GP surgery within 24 hours. With front end voice recognition, it will make it much easier to meet these targets due to the ability to generate instant turnaround; creating a much needed reduction in penalties not to mention the benefits for patients.

Many GPs have stated that by having the document in front of them immediately after dictation gives them the ability to amend it for a higher level of accuracy and detail while it is fresh in their mind.

The benefits of digital dictation and speech recognition can be vital in areas such as community care where historically health care professionals have written their notes by hand and then had to type them on returning to the clinic or handed them to others for typing which raises further issues of accuracy.

Why SpeechWrite Medical?

SpeechWrite offer professional tailor-made medical digital dictation solutions for healthcare professionals in large NHS trust hospitals or small medical practices. With our medical dictation solutions, we are able to meet your individual needs and work seamlessly with clinical software and hospital information systems in order to reduce costs and improve efficiencies whilst providing a higher level and improved care to your patients.

Our dictation solutions feature central administration, insightful statistical reporting, seamless voice recognition and advanced workflow features for both the author and typist. With SpeechWrite 360 you have the ability to utilise a state of the art cloud-hosted voice recognition and dictation workflow solution which has been extensively designed to meet the agile and flexible working needs of the modern day GP.

Medical notes, clinical correspondence and reports can be reviewed, edited and signed by clinicians on the go meaning you can spend more time focussed on patients and delivering solutions at the point of care.

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