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Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 22nd May 2018

Cloud Based Dictation

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s not using a smartphone. On top of that, as apps like Siri and Cortana get more sophisticated, more and more of those smartphone users are turning to mobile voice technology. In fact, there is a big appetite for voice search in the UK, with 42% of new adopters using voice commands daily, compared to 25% four years ago, according to new research from Google. Users prefer using voice to perform online searches, look up the weather and find local businesses because it’s either faster or they are unable to type and look at their phone.

Individuals are comfortable using smartphones and voice technology in their personal lives, but could sometimes get smarter about how to integrate the capabilities of voice technology and mobile dictation into their professional lives to save time and get more done on their mobile dictation enabled device.

Philips voice recorder app is a perfect way to combine mobility, work and voice technology. The free, app, recently updated for Android and iOS devices, includes limitless recording options on the go. The app’s new and improved features provide individuals the ability to record notes and create documents in the span of minutes to boost flexibility. New features include:

User-Friendly Interface:

The app’s updated interface is designed for ease of use for both novice and advanced users, with clean, clear buttons and workflows.

Editing Functionality:

The app now allows users to quickly edit their recordings, inserting or removing pieces, to create seamless thought or concept.

         Simple Sharing:

Users can now share their recordings via email or in the cloud to help enhance workflow productivity.

SpeechLive Mobile Dictation and Mobile Voice Recognition App

Since half of all those using voice technology are doing so while driving, it’s important to make sure they’re using voice technology safely. The voice recorder app’s brand new Car Mode allows for safer dictation while on-the-go.

The car mode is equipped with extra-large buttons, allows recording from your phone’s home screen and offers low-distraction functionality so that drivers can remain alert and focused on the road while capturing their voice notes.

Finally, when the Philips voice recorder app is connected to SpeechWrite Live, a cloud-based dictation solution, even more functionality possibilities open up. When used together, mobile dictation users can use their app to record, edit and send dictation files directly from their smartphone straight to the SpeechWrite Live transcription service or speech recognition to increase mobility and reduce document turnaround times.

Users can access and manage dictations from anywhere at any time! Apps like Philips voice recorder app, can help individuals to increase productivity when they are already using mobile voice technology.

It’s time we all got smarter about how we’re using our smartphone and close the “g-app” on productivity!

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