"Dictating the pace of change" - cloud technology whitepaper

Gain insights from Gateley Plc, Aaron & Partners and Tuckers Solicitors and discover their views on cloud technology within the legal industry and how this will lead to increased efficiencies and a sustained reduction of operational costs.

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Winning the battle of efficiency and profitability in an increasingly disruptive legal market using cloud technology.


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See why key figures in the legal sector view cloud technology as a vital tool to aid any solicitor’s growth strategy in a bid to drive operational efficiency and optimise key business processes.

“Chief executives, senior partners, directors and members (of the law society) will benefit from an introduction to the technology involved and analysis of where future developments will take us”

James Turner – President of the Birmingham Law Society / Senior Partner at Tuckers Solicitors

What will you learn?

  • To what extent is the UK legal market keeping pace with technological innovation?
  • How can new technologies help law firms to optimise their business?
  • What are the key issues law firms should consider before investing in new tech products?
  • What’s next for the legal market in terms of cloud computing strategies?
  • What do law firms expect from the next generation of legal industry-focused technology?
  • How essential are voice recognition / dictation services to a law firm’s tech toolkit?

cloud technology in law firms


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