South-East law firm embraces digital dictation solution

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 5th May 2016

When Ilford-based Matwala Vyas LLP (MVLLP) realised it needed to become more technologically streamlined, it looked to SpeechWrite Digital Technology for the answer. MVLLP specialise in property, immigration, criminal defence and family law.

Switch from Analogue to Digital

In 2015 the company was using an analogue dictation practice, to create and audio-type recorded files into litigation prose and correspondence. Large quantities of recorded notes were being created and distributed to the clerical team for processing. This resulted in an unpredictable strain on workloads and ultimately affected the turnaround speed on documents.

SpeechWrite Enterprise

Following a consultation, SpeechWrite Digital offered MVLLP a 30-day in house trial of SpeechWrite Enterprise for office workflow automation and SpeechMikes for applied data capture. The trial was impressive and the team adopted the new system. All seven fee-earners have found the SpeechMike intuitive and comfortable to use and workflow has seen a dramatic upturn.

The SpeechWrite Enterprise solution offers the ability to view dictations and transcripts required across the business, resulting in the monitoring and assigning of work in line with resources available. This ensures increased productivity and ultimately a quicker response time to clients.

Christopher Ogden, Practice Manager for Matwala Vyas, confirms that the recent SpeechWrite solution has been a success: “The ability to share work in busy periods has been revolutionary for our firm and we’ve been able to maximise our clerical resources. With a crystal-clear digital recording method and a well-structured workflow system, we can now deliver an even better service and quicker response times to our client base”.

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