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SpeechWrite Digital specialise in a range of voice recognition solutions powered by our hosted solution SpeechWrite 360 or local solutions from Dragon Naturally Speaking.

We work within a wide variety of markets including medical, legal, education and commercial sectors. Work smarter and more productively in the office and on the road. With fast, accurate dictation and transcription, advanced customisation, seamless integration across devices, and easy deployment for large organisations. Use your most powerful tool – your voice – and put it to work.

Three times faster than typing

Accuracy and speed of use is better than ever. Speak and your words appear on the screen. Say commands and your computer obeys. Voice is three times faster than typing and it is ninety-nine percent accurate.

Get documents done anywhere and share from your mobile device. Fast dictation and high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice.

Master the solution right out of the box and start experiencing big productivity gains immediately.


Oliver Price - Senior Partner at Wansbroughs Solicitors talks voice recognition.

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SpeechWrite 360 Voice

Get documents done anywhere and share from your mobile device. Fast dictation and high recognition accuracy that continually improves as it adapts to your voice.

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  • Love that I don’t have to rewind the dictation as it automatically goes back by itself slightly. It makes it so much easier.

    Stephanie Hodge, Secretary for Mackenzie Jones

  • As a new user, it is very easy to pick up and get going


    Vikki Talbot, Secretary for Ansons Solicitors

  • The whole package works well overall – especially the option to dictate from the app on the phone.

    Nishi Kumar, Solicitor for Riley Hayes

  • The app is amazing and so easy to use,….. works first time and every time – amazing product.

    Cath McLennan, IT for Bay Medical Group

  • SpeechWrite 360 was so easy to deploy, with no requirement to install software locally. Users were set up in less than 5 minutes ready to dictate or receive work.

    Pauline Ekins, Practice Manager for Child Law Partnership

  • Guidance and support from SpeechWrite Digital has been second-to-none.

    John Waldron, Consultant for Everett Tomlin Lloyd & Pratt

  • All our doctors are equipped with Dragon Medical… it’s time efficiency has been a vital benefit.

    Dr Allister Woodstrover, GP for Shap Medical Practice

  • The new Enterprise application… has resulted in a surge in company productivity…

    Matt Cooper, ICT Manager for Brewer Harding & Rowe

  • The best support team I have ever worked with

    Andy Clark, IT Manager for Wansbroughs Solicitors

  • The new system has been a great addition to our health centre… the system itself provides very accurate, instantaneous dictation.

    Sam Wallis, Business Administrator at Alcester Health Centre

  • The secretarial software allows us to maximise their time, by outsourcing routine dictation files for transcription.

    Alison Hoy, Chief Executive for Berry Smith

  • Integrating voice recognition… ensures we can maintain quick and efficient document turnaround…

    James Last, Senior Partner for Broadbents Solicitors

  • The new hardware is significantly easier to use, which enabled a quick turnaround time for letters to patients and consultants.

    Donna Aydon, Practice Manager at Parkway Medical Group

  • Gone are the days of backlogs of transcripts waiting to be processed and real-time dictation draining resources…

    Annmarie Wilde, Partner for Coley & Tilley

  • … The automatic routing ability of SpeechExec… meant that pending tasks could be managed department-wide…

    Lisa Smith, Practice Manager for Cygnet Law

  • The ability to share work in busy periods has been revolutionary for our firm. We have been able to maximise our clerical resources… and can now deliver an even better service…

    Christopher Ogden, Practice Manager for Matwala Vyas

  • Voice recognition enabled our four GP’s to create typed text instantly… this significantly maximised our time efficiency and took pressures off our internal clerical staff.

    Jenny Davies, Practice Manager for Ellesmere Medical Practice

  • The new workflow solution provided St Anne’s with a new level of flexibility… Doctors’ recordings can be created at any of our branch sites.

    Dawn Simmons, Practice Manager for St Anne’s Group Practice

  • Voice Recognition is almost error-free… the benefits to accuracy and efficiency are making a real difference to productivity.

    Nicola Gillet, Partner at Moore & Tibbits Solicitors

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