GP practice takes note of progress with major digital dictation upgrade

GP practice takes note of progress with major digital dictation upgrade

Forge Road Surgery near Wrexham has been one of a number of businesses and practices to have taken the plunge and replaced their old analogue dictation system. From GP surgeries, to solicitors and accountants, businesses have been looking at their IT set-ups and appraising how they can be improved, to make the customer experience more pleasant and their outputs more efficient.

GP practice takes note of progress with major digital dictation upgrade - Customer Stories

About Forge Road Surgery

A GP practice in North Wales, Forge Road Surgery is sited in Southsea, on the western fringes of Wrexham. It’s a busy medical practice serving a population from the village and the surrounding area of approximately 6,500 people. Forge Road itself is a modern, purpose-built facility and it also has a sister surgery in the neighbouring village of Brymbo. The 14-strong practice team across the two sites has three GP partners, four fully-qualified nurses and a health care support worker, backed up by admin staff.

SpeechWrite Digital Dictation

With daily medical consultations and appointments, there’s a lot of dictation and note-taking involved in running the practice. The need for a dictation and transcription process as straightforward as possible is imperative, with GP notes, referral letters and various correspondence being typed out by the administrative support staff. The practice manager engaged voice-recognition technology specialist SpeechWrite Digital to implement an upgrade to Forge Road’s digital dictation system, with one that would be easy to install and intuitive. In the automated digital system, notes can be dictated and transcribed instantly, via voice recognition software, which saves an immense amount of time and resources.

Switch from Analogue to Digital

Paula Smith, Practice Manager at Forge Road Surgery, commented on the upgrade: 

“SpeechWrite Digital’s recommended dictation technology easily surpassed our old analogue system. We have found it simple to use and excellent value for money. In the old system, tapes could get lost or damaged, which is not the case with digital recording files, which are easy to locate and store electronically, and are accessible instantly to all levels of our team members”.

Emma Deakin, marketing manager at SpeechWrite Digital explains the advantages of a digital solution: 

“The technology we recommend is ideal for a working environment such as Forge Road. Dictation sequences can be downloaded in real time and the software is fully secure, with no concerns regarding confidentiality and patient privacy. It integrated perfectly with their medical records system and ensures far greater accuracy of transcription. There’s also a built-in medical vocabulary”.

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Forge Road Case Study
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