Bay Medical Group go mobile with an agile working solution

Bay Medical Group is a large merged GP Practice in Lancashire providing services to approximately 54,000 patients. 

The Practice has a wide variety of clinical staff working alongside the GP’s, including Primary Care Pharmacists, Advanced Practitioners, Mental Health workers, Paramedics, Practice Nurses, Treatment Room Nurses, Assistant Practitioners, Health Care Assistants, Phlebotomists and Care Co-ordinators to deliver care.

Bay Medical Group go mobile with an agile working solution - Customer Stories

The Site

The multi-site group is a very busy working practice with the number of patients per GP nearly double in comparison with other areas of the country and locally.

The Practice operates out of five sites; Heysham Primary Care Centre, Morecambe Health Centre, West End Surgery, Westgate Medical Practice and York Bridge Surgery.

Each GP has their own main base site, but to maintain the necessary levels of service on each individual site, they often move around to cover vacancies created by holidays, sickness, as well as covering for the urgent duties at the West End site and to cover home visits.

The Challenge

Bay Medical Group were actively looking to redesign their services for patients registered with the Practice. A new strategy was formulated to create an agile way of working which meant GP’s, paramedics and advanced practitioners could work remotely and deliver the same excellent level of service to patients outside of the practice locations.

The existing dictation solution was designed for office working using microphones which were hard-wired into the PC’s. This limited efficiencies and did not allow for the new flexible way of working they required.

Bay Medical set about working to redesign their services and sought a new mobile dictation solution to allow their clinicians to work remotely.

The Solution

As a long-established customer of SpeechWrite, Bay Medical consulted with the team and decided to upgrade to SpeechWrite 360 - a hosted mobile digital dictation solution to fit with the new strategy for the Group.

SpeechWrite 360 is designed for secure mobile working allowing healthcare professionals to dictate anywhere, at any time. Medical notes, correspondence and reports can be created, reviewed, edited and signed by clinicians on the go. As a cloud model, it is easy to deploy with no requirement to install software locally or install expensive infrastructure.

SpeechWrite 360 was rolled out to all 5 sites including the new Mobile Visiting Team with a total of 46 GP’s, paramedics and advanced practitioners and 7 secretaries using the solution.

Doctor Maddox from Bay Medical Group said 

“The 360 mobile app is such a neat solution and so easy to use. I use it all the time for home visits, in front of patients and other locations outside of the surgery…our patients are happy as service is delivered at the point of care and it is immediate. It really has revolutionised the way we work”.

The 7 secretaries are able to pick up work from any of the authors and can access the work from any device at any location. This allows the admin team to be flexible and increase overall efficiencies for the Practice.

The training was delivered in one day where the trainer visited all 5 sites and gave out training guides for use as reminders at the end of the training session. 
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The training was great but the system is so intuitive and easy to use it was really just a nice to have in the end.

Dr. Maddox - Bay Medical Group
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Bay Medical Case Study
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