Leading law firm adopts voice recognition technology to improve customer service

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 4th July 2017

Leading law firm Aaron & Partners LLP has recently upgraded its digital dictation technology to include voice recognition software. This will significantly reduce the company’s reliance on transcription and enable the practice to process documents even more quickly and efficiently.

SpeechWrite Enterprise

With offices in Shrewsbury, Chester and Manchester, Aaron & Partners is a busy law firm dealing in all areas of law, but with a particular specialism in business law. Working with digital dictation experts, SpeechWrite Digital, the law firm upgraded to digital dictation 5 years ago, when it adopted SpeechWrite Enterprise with automated workflow. As part of its ongoing digital transformation journey, the business has more recently successfully chosen SpeechWrite voice recognition software across two of its offices. The new software, which integrates seamlessly with the existing technology, is now being implemented across the business.

SpeechWrite has worked closely with the firm throughout the process, from identifying the product and setting up the pilot, through to the installation and training of users. It will also continue to provide ongoing technical support.

Emma Ball, marketing manager at SpeechWrite explains: “With voice recognition software, spoken words are turned into written text instantaneously, dispensing with the need for transcription. At a business such as a law firm, where there is significant written documentation, form filling and physical data, voice recognition software has made a real impact on productivity and accuracy too.”

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