Efficiency put into practice for Derbyshire law firm with new voice-to-text technology

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 2nd November 2014

law firm Voice to text upgrade

SpeechWrite Digital was recently commissioned by solicitors Broadbents to modernise and maximise connectivity across the law firm’s four regional offices. The company’s legal team advise clients on all aspects of modern law practices, including criminal defence, family law, conveyancing, wills and probate. Emerging technology led the firm to consider the improvements that new developments could provide to its customers.

SpeechWrite Voice Recognition

Derby-based solicitors Broadbents began in 1794 from a solitary office, but expansion has resulted in four offices spread across Derbyshire. As the firm continues to grow, it has worked closely with SpeechWrite Digital. SpeechWrite has installed voice to text software, which allows speech to be drafted into text instantaneously. SpeechWrite incorporated Dragon Pro, a leading voice to text software solution, into the firm’s current SpeechWrite Pro solution.

Cloud-based storage

The new addition of cloud-based storage, accessible across the company’s four offices, ensures everyone’s working on the same page. Audio transcriptionists from any of Broadbents’ offices can import and transcribe any fee-earner’s work, which allows the clerical team to better plan working days around urgency, holiday absences and congested timeframes.

James Last, Senior Partner for Broadbents Solicitors, explained: “By integrating voice recognition into the digital dictation system, we have found that we can dictate and distribute any letter, statement or court application within an hour. This ensures we can maintain quick and efficient document turnaround across our offices, even during busy periods.”

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