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Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 2nd May 2017

GP Speech Recognition upgrade

A Warwickshire health centre has streamlined its GP dictation system by implementing digital voice recognition technology.

Alcester Health Centre engaged SpeechWrite Digital to provide an upgrade to its dictation-to-text system. The new system directly links GPs to administrative staff, enabling medical reports and consultation notes to be verbally transcribed quickly into text.

The centre has 18 staff at the location, using analogue tape and machinery, a method which had become outmoded and time-consuming. GP notes would be typed out by administrative support staff, who would also be typing referral letters and other documentation as well.

Upgrade to SpeechWrite Voice Recognition

Alcester engaged Nuance’s accredited partner, SpeechWrite Digital, to undertake the system upgrade. The new solution, SpeechWrite Voice, dispenses with the need for tape playbacks and manual transcription. The fluidity of the automated process has improved efficiency at the busy health centre, as well as making it easier to find and keep track of files. In addition to the digital dictation package, which allows real-time transcribing of vocal speech into written text, the system also offers EMIS integration and dictation commands for EMIS. The health centre was exceptionally pleased with SpeechWrite’s service throughout the modernisation project and its ongoing technical support following the implementation.

Sam Wallis, Business Administrator at Alcester commented, “The new system has been a great addition to our health centre. The system’s accuracy and speed are a big improvement on manual transcription and we’ve been particularly struck by the size and vocabulary of the specialist medical dictionary.”

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