SpeechWrite launches new, competitive PDF software challenger

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 18th August 2017

SpeechWrite PDF is now being offered by digital experts SpeechWrite as part of its document workflow suite of I.T solutions. The software has proven to be a solid alternative to more well-known solutions, which are often prohibitively expensive for businesses.

The launch of SpeechWrite PDF is primarily targeting legal, financial and insurance companies, as historically these businesses produce vast quantities of paperwork, which requires storage.

A PDF is a Portable Document Format, which is used to archive and preserve electronic documents. Documents can be saved exactly as they appear onscreen, with graphics, layout and fonts in a format that cannot easily be amended. This means that saved files are preserved in the style their authors intended. Currently, Adobe has the most familiar and widely-used PDF tool available, but it’s not always the most cost-effective solution for many companies.

A third of the price

SpeechWrite PDF is a document editing solution that includes a range of key features, but at a third of the price of its closest competitor. It has been designed with its users in mind and aims to be both innovative and familiar. The page layout uses the Microsoft Office-style ribbon banner and tabs across the top of the screen, so it’s easily recognisable in that respect. The familiar interface encourages fluency and minimises the learning curve. It looks and works just like everyday software and this maximises productivity and time lost to training.

High security features

The new software is loaded with useful features that allow users to assemble, convert and create new documents, and edit, scan, search and print existing ones. It also allows firms to increase the security of documents with encryption, secure storage, user authentication, redaction and the ability to track access and changes.

Emma Deakin, Head of Marketing at SpeechWrite, commented: “We’re delighted to be adding SpeechWrite PDF to our digital offering to companies. We already have a wide range of on-site and off-site technology and being able to create and edit PDFs is always seen as one of the most important aspects of document workflow. This affordable PDF software solution delivers a suite of essential PDF tools, but at a fraction of the cost of its full-feature competitors.”

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