Digital dictation and voice recognition transform firm’s working methods

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 11th April 2013

Birmingham law firm Coley & Tilley recently engaged the expertise of digital dictation specialist SpeechWrite Digital, to facilitate an upgrade of its dictation and transcription methods. Established over 100 years ago and sited in the hub of Birmingham’s legal district, Coley & Tilley has seen many changes to the law industry, but still relies on a great deal of author-to-secretary dictation to generate client correspondence.

Greater flexibility and workflow distribution

Following extensive consultation with SpeechWrite Digital, the firm received recommendations to implement the award-winning Philips Digital Pocket Memo input devices, complimented by SpeechWrite Pro, the digital dictation software platform. This digital dictation and voice recognition software has transformed the firm’s working methods, allowing greater flexibility and workflow distribution. Jobs can now be flagged by urgency and the systematic author-to-secretary file routing has become invaluable to quickening response times to clients.

Central storage of files

Office-based staff are able to deploy the Philips USB SpeechMike to create dictated files at their PC, while home-workers have opted for the portable PocketMemos, to dictate while on the move. File archiving has also been simplified with SpeechWrite Pro’s central storage, which stores older files methodically, for easy back-referencing.

Annmarie Wilde, Partner at Coley & Tilley: “SpeechWrite Digital’s overhaul of our author-to-secretary dictation methods has completely changed the way our firm operates. Gone are the days of backlogs of transcripts waiting to be processed and real-time dictation draining resources. If work is needed urgently, it’s prioritised accordingly, with everything from staff availability to timescales being taken into consideration.”


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