Cumbria-based GP surgery saves time with new voice recognition technology

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 3rd May 2016

Voice Recognition time savings for doctors

Working with SpeechWrite Digital, Shap Medical Practice, a busy, three-strong GP surgery, has freed up its administration team from intensive typing tasks. Its staff have recently adopted voice recognition software that produces instant typed text from a live voice recording. GPs can now generate typed and formatted correspondence themselves, decreasing reliance on clerical staff, which is crucial during administrative surges and staff absences.

SpeechWrite Voice

Digital experts SpeechWrite provided a consultation on speech recognition systems and their application into primary care. SpeechWrite identified a market-leading voice recognition engine called SpeechWrite Voice that could be deployed into Shap’s current digital dictation system. SpeechWrite is designed specifically for use in healthcare environments.

99% Accuracy in Voice Processing

After an on-site demonstration from SpeechWrite, which revealed both the voice-to-text accuracy and speed of delivery, Shap opted to act on this recommendation. GPs can now navigate their PC using just their voice to enable quick-fire file generation – maximising the speed of creating letters, referrals and patient notes. As speaking is seven times faster than typing and SpeechWrite Voice boasts up to 99% accuracy in voice processing, this practice improved the digital dictation methods from good to excellent.

Dr Allister Woodstrover, GP at Shap Medical Practice, commented: “All our doctors are equipped with Dragon Medical for time saving measures. Now we can create letters and clinical documents ourselves, it means our clerical team can concentrate on other surgery business rather than invest large amounts of time into typing tasks. All elements of this application have been useful to our GPs – but time efficiency has been the most vital benefit.”

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