Our innovation strategy focuses on our customers and end-users. We put our customers and users at the centre of everything we do. 

We focus heavily on researching and learning everything we can about our customers and developing innovative solutions and services based on collaboration.

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Listen, Innovate and Implement

We constantly listen to our clients feedback through customer surveys and ongoing engagement, to understand their issues, pains, drivers and direction of travel.

As well as listening we constantly monitor technological advancements in the market place to ensure our solutions are always at the cutting edge, helping clients achieve competitive advantage. 

User experience is as equally important to the technology itself. We pay a lot of attention to the smooth implementation of our solutions to maximise return on investment for the client.

We are only successful, because we listen, innovate and implement what our customers really need. 

Our customers have the freedom of choice and flexibility.

One prime example of innovation is the recent development of our new voice recognition solution (Direct Speech) for the market which has no minimum term contract. For years users and organisations have been tied into lengthy contracts with costly upgrades and associated maintenance costs. We believe in our solutions so much that we don't tie anyone into a contract. 

Voice recognition software that's accurate, flexible, easy to use, and with no minimum term contract or upgrade fees? Now that's refreshing.

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The next generation

We are deeply committed to our future talent, enjoying many successful apprentices from local colleges over the years. As part of the 20th Anniversary of SpeechWrite in 2021 we thought this was an excellent time to give something back to the community, launching 'The Big Idea' an innovation competition for the local student community.

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Investing in innovation and the future of our team has always been a top priority for us here at SpeechWrite.

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