Cheshire accountants make new technology count with digital dictation upgrade

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 9th October 2017

SpeechWrite digital dictation

Booth Ainsworth LLP is an accountancy firm which has been established for 50 years. Its accountants and staff have a wealth of experience across a variety of sectors, with specialisms in dentistry and the legal sector. Other areas of work include retail, construction, leisure and media. The firm also offers advice and training, and is a Sage One and Xero Certified Advisor. Booth Ainsworth employs 100 staff in its office in Stockport, to the south east of Manchester with clients throughout the region and nationwide.

The challenge

The company was already using SpeechWrite digital dictation technology in its offices, but due to operational streamlining and upgrades, it needed a solution that would work with a new Terminal Services environment. The system is hosted and has 30 users connected to the digital storage platform. Remote working is an integral part of Booth Ainsworth’s offering, as is the ability to work flexibly, both in terms of working hours and location.

The solution

Booth Ainsworth approached several providers and chose SpeechWrite, as the company quickly understood the accountancy’s requirements and tabled costs that were competitive. The company was moving into a cloud-based operating environment, to allow a greater degree of remote access for the users.

The accountants wanted to continue to use all their existing Philips hardware devices which would allow up to 30 users to be accessing the cloud while out and about, working remotely.

Booth Ainsworth is now using SpeechWrite Enterprise, which fully supports the Terminal Services environment. The new system integrated seamlessly with the existing hardware and the newly-installed infrastructure. SpeechWrite services included consultation, installation and one-day training for dictation users, who could then pass on the knowledge to train further staff internally as required. SpeechWrite carried out excellent support throughout the process and beyond, with further backup available if required.

The benefits

• Integration with Terminal Services environment
• Cloud-based technology
• Increased accuracy and reliability
• Maximises clerical resources
• Facilitates flexible, remote working
• Streamlines working methods

“We’ve been really impressed with SpeechWrite’s expertise and the products have proven their worth, in enhancing our productivity. Our staff have found the new system to be very reliable and a noticeable improvement with regards to remote accessibility compared to previous Philips products we’ve used. SpeechWrite identified the areas where we could bolster and improve our dictation set-up and the solution has made a real difference to us.”

Daniel Charlson, IT supervisor at Booth Ainsworth LLP

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