A paperless NHS by 2020 – Will GP surgeries be ready?

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 23rd May 2017

Medical Digital dictation and voice recognition

SpeechWrite Digital, a leading player in the digital dictation and workflow solutions market, has launched a survey to investigate how ready GP surgeries are to be part of a paperless NHS by 2020.

The survey has been sent to over 8,000 GP surgeries nationwide and will identify the biggest challenges they face on the journey to become paperless as well as the greatest benefits managers believe it will bring. The survey questions are also designed to assess the progress surgeries have already achieved in their quest to digitise their records and procedures.

The Government believes that digitisation will reduce duplication, speed up information sharing and make it easier to locate data. It will save on storage requirements too, which is an expensive and logistical issue for every part of the NHS.

A Paperless NHS

Andrew Davies, Managing Director of SpeechWrite, says: “A paperless NHS by 2020 should save time, build patient engagement and doctor-patient relationships and improve clinical outcomes. We are intrigued to discover what is really happening at grass roots level in terms of progress towards becoming paperless and we look forward to sharing our findings shortly.”

Digital dictation solutions and voice recognition technology are already transforming the way many GP surgeries operate, streamlining administrative systems, improving efficiency and saving hours of painstaking transcribing and paperwork for GPs, practice managers and secretarial staff.

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