Still typing? Time’s wasting.

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 13th March 2018

It seems we are all busier than ever before. However, by taking an inventory of the tasks that don’t directly contribute to achieving your goals at work or at home, you can start eliminating the non-essential activities that contribute to your busyness and detract from your business. Typing is unequivocally one of these time-consuming tasks that can be minimised – even eliminated – using modern voice technology.

People speak faster than they can type, so even using more detail while dictating is still an overall time savings when it’s later typed by a professional transcriptionist or through speech recognition software. Moreover, capturing a more granular level of detail may directly benefit your company down the line by helping close a deal, conduct research or build a defence case for your client.

Spend more time on achieving your goals

For example, with a mobile handheld recorder or smartphone recorder app, you can simply speak to create a letter, document or notes after a meeting. The recording can then be sent to a secure cloud-based dictation management and transcription solution where it can be professionally transcribed or, your dictation can be run through speech recognition software and transformed into your selected document. Meanwhile, you can devote the time and energy that would have been spent typing to achieving your business or personal goals, or spending more time with clients or prospects.

Exponential time savings

Professionals who type for an average of 2 hours per document could execute the same work in about a half an hour, finding time savings of about 1.5 hours per project. Imagine how that time savings could grow exponentially if professionals dictate multiple projects a day. Switching from typing to voice technology can save many hours every week that you can then devote to increasing sales, finishing projects or being with your family and friends.


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