SpeechWrite delivers Clarkslegal (Legal 500 firm) 'the best dictation app on the market.'

SpeechWrite delivers Clarkslegal (Legal 500 firm) 'the best dictation app on the market.'

For over 100 years, Clarkslegal has built its practice to respond to the demands of its clients. This approach has led them to offer a broad range of City-quality legal support across their offices in London and Reading.

Clarkslegal have extensive expertise across all commercial law disciplines. These include all aspects of employment law, immigration law, commercial law, corporate law, intellectual property, litigation and dispute resolution, environmental law, construction law, and property law.

SpeechWrite delivers Clarkslegal (Legal 500 firm) 'the best dictation app on the market.' - Customer Stories

Historic dictation issues and limitations

The firm was originally using an on-premise, outdated dictation solution when SpeechWrite was first engaged.

"Our strategy was always to move to the cloud allowing for agility and flexibility for all employees. When Covid hit, we just accelerated our plans, and changing our dictation solution quickly became a priority. Not just for agility purposes but also to replace our incumbent dictation system which was quite frankly, not fit for purpose."

- Sev Raychev: IT Manager for Clarks Legal explains.

Having a reliable and secure mobile app to dictate into from any location at anytime was something the firm needed. The old app was causing significant disruption to the firm, with many issues being reported daily to the IT team.

"I lost count of the number of dictations that we lost through the old mobile dictation app. This meant losing time and adding considerable cost into our process; the upset this caused was immeasurable. As well as lost work, we had countless issues of dictations not sending correctly, the app just crashing, and taking too long to upload work."
- Sev adds.

Evaluating the market

When Clarks set about evaluating alternatives, they looked at three different solutions, including SpeechWrite.

"It quickly became apparent SpeechWrite was our preferred option. The alternatives were very complicated, and we just felt that we would have significantly compromised user experience and adoption rates should we have selected those other companies."
- Sev comments

Key Criteria

The critical criteria (outlined below) for Clarkslegal were easily met by the SpeechWrite 360 solution.

Reliable app

360 app works first time, every time on any device. The 360 solution is built for agile working.

Cloud access

360 is fully hosted in the cloud. Previously dictations had to be stored locally, which was a security risk. Dictations are not stored locally on the 360 app either adding to security for app users.

E-mail alerts

Secretaries receive email alerts when new dictations are assigned. This is a new feature for the firm.

Workflow visibility

Secretaries can now see the work assigned to them and the rest of the team's workflow – they were never able to do this before.


Clarks successfully piloted the 360 solution for three weeks with both fee earners and secretaries with full training and onboarding user support from the SpeechWrite team.

Option for Voice Recognition

The team now have this added functionality within 360 for those users who want to use voice-to-text technology.

Clarity of recordings

The old system's recording quality was below standard; now, they have crystal clear sound quality with 360.

Easy management

The management team wanted the ability to delete dictations or easily retrieve work, they can now do this using a management license. Previously this had to be done through the dictation provider, which caused delays and an unnecessarily long process.

Storage of old dictations

360 has an unlimited secure storage facility for all old dictations. This is a welcome new feature for the firm, allowing them to access previous work easily and without restriction.

Compatible with existing devices

A few users still wanted to use their recording devices – 360 was fully compatible, so they could continue to work in their preferred way without having the expense of buying new devices.

Flexibility of subscription

The quarterly subscription means the firm can now easily make changes to users or the subscription, before the firm would be committed for the entire year.

Experience with SpeechWrite

"If I could sum up what it was like working with SpeechWrite in one word, I would say, easy. The whole team was professional, friendly, and just easy to work with. Nothing was too much trouble.

Overall, SpeechWrite has given our firm peace of mind that our work is secure, and it's one less thing we have to worry about. Switching systems has been easy with no impact on the business; in fact, we have saved money. Finally, user experience is critical for us, and 360 has delivered a hugely positive user experience for the whole team."

- Sev Raychev concludes

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