A range of dictation and transcription accessories to complement your dictation or voice solution.

Digital Pocket Memo DPM Docking Station

Digital PocketMemo Docking Station

Easy data transfer. The Digital PocketMemo DPM docking station allows you to dock your Pocket Memo to both charge and transfer your dictations to your PC. Small in size to sit on your desk but durable enough to withstand constant use, this dock ensures that you are always ready to quickly download your dictated files. […]

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Digital PocketMemo Rechargeable Battery

Excellent recording power. The new ACC8100 Digital Pocket Memo Battery from Philips means that you can record even longer – maximising dictating periods and increasing productivity. Li-ion batteries store a large amount of energy in a compact and lightweight unit and are quick-charging, safe and reliable. No need to purchase any more disposable batteries with […]

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Philips SDHC memory card

SDHC Memory Card

Extend your memory. The Philips SDHC memory card combines massive storage capacity and fast data transfer rates in a tiny memory card. A small tool with a big capacity, it is the ideal expansion option for your Philips Pocket Memo dictation recorder and supports the speed class rating 4; offering transfer rates of up to […]

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PocketMemo Power Supply

Record longer with a Philips Digital Pocket Memo charger and power supply. The high-quality power supply is specifically tailored for use with PocketMemo dictation recorders. Just connect your recorder to AC power for continuous worry-free operation.

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