GP partner prescribes ‘easy to use’ voice recognition

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 4th April 2018

Medical voice recognition system

GP Partner Hugh Reeve from Nutwood Medical Practice in Cumbria has piloted SpeechWrite voice recognition (integrated with EMIS) for 4 weeks and has given his insights below.

“I have been using Dragon Dictate Medical on a trial basis for the last 4 weeks and have to say I am pretty impressed. The software was easily uploaded to my computer and it integrates with most software that I would normally type into – EMIS, Microsoft Outlook for emails, Microsoft Word, Advice and Guidance.”

Medical Vocabulary

It took about 5 minutes to teach it to recognise my voice and apparently learns as you use it! Pretty good medical vocab – some drug names throw it and some rare diseases but very easy to stop and type a word or two and then resume voice dictation. Copes with common names but struggles with unusual ones. Also good voice commands to correct text, insert punctuation, new paragraphs etc, and even commands to complete tasks etc in EMIS. Apparently it can Read Code common terms but I haven’t tried this.

Letters appear like magic

Have used it for referral letters and other letters, advice and guidance, sending tasks in EMIS and emails. Haven’t used it for clinical note keeping as my notes are fairly brief but would work for that too if you wanted. Has definitely saved me time as we usually type our own letters and they are now more comprehensive. If you can’t touch-type at speed it is definitely quicker for emails, patient tasks (if more than a few words and emails etc.) Previously I have used standard tape/digital dictation and I prefer it to that as the letter appears like magic in front of your eyes – if you normally dictate letters it will definitely save admin time.

“So would definitely recommend and you don’t need to be a technical wizard to use it – I’m certainly not in that league.”

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