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COVID-19 has shown us that necessity is the mother of invention when it comes to bringing primary care into the 21st century

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 1st April 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has clearly shown us that we must dial into new methods of primary care and with the increase in general practice activity now is surely the time to act. Spending on general practice has increased for the past six years, but GPs are having to work harder as demand for care increases. […]

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Say hello to our new Medical Account Manager Joel

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 9th March 2021

Joel joined the SpeechWrite family back in 2014, joining us as an IT apprentice. Since then, he has developed his skills by working as a Support Engineer and Technical Support Manager, where he added significant value to the business. Following the great success in these roles, the business decided that Joel would be a perfect […]

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Why speech recognition software from SpeechWrite Medical makes sense in your healthcare environment

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 17th February 2021

Many factors are putting increasing pressure on healthcare organisations to dramatically improve clinical documentation, from regulatory, economic and legal concerns, to patient safety and satisfaction standards. The question is how to make it easier for clinicians to meet clinical documentation standards, whilst continuing to provide exceptional care to patients. Speech recognition software that works with […]

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Digital dictation and the benefits for the medical sector

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 5th February 2021

What is digital dictation? Digital dictation is a simple method of recording and managing natural speech to enable easier handling of transcription into text either manually or using speech recognition software. It is typically used in the NHS for creating letters and reports but is also suitable for creating clinical notes to increase efficiency and […]

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GP’s daily struggles to maintain appointment levels with the intense pressure from the COVID-19 response

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 26th January 2021

GP’s daily struggles to maintain appointment levels with the intense pressure from the COVID-19 response With the NHS being forced to convert existing operations to free up capacity due to the surge in COVID-19 cases and the vaccine rollout programme, it is clear that coronavirus-related appointment cancellation is accumulating at an alarming rate. Some cardiologists […]

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IT Service Delivery in the Covid Age

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 24th August 2020

Rapid transformation When the global pandemic arrived in late March, early April we were inundated with calls and messages from organisations across the UK ranging from legal firms, property firms, financial organisations through to medical practices and hospitals. Their request was simple – we need to work from home, and quickly! The demand was unprecedented […]

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Important advice for clinicians using dictation equipment

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 3rd April 2020

Exceptional speech recording and transcription equipment As the current pandemic impacts our global community, we want you to know that we are facilitating access to our products and solutions that are critical for healthcare professionals. In order to meet the challenges of reducing the risk of contamination in medical environments, we would like to help inform […]

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How is the legal world adapting to remote working?

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 27th March 2020

Remote working during Coronavirus Coronavirus (officially known as Covid-19) is having a profound effect upon many facets of society and everyday life, not least in terms of how people work. A whole spate of companies around the world have already asked their office-based employees to work from home through the pandemic, starting with Silicon Valley […]

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SpeechWrite 360 Mobile Digital Dictation App

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 16th December 2019

SpeechWrite 360 Mobile Dictation App SpeechWrite 360 is a state of the art cloud voice recognition and digital dictation workflow solution designed to meet the agile and flexible working needs of the modern-day professional. Here at SpeechWrite, we understand that our customers often need to work remotely and from multiple locations and do not want […]

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Bay Medical Group go mobile with an agile working solution

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 2nd September 2019

Bay Medical Group is a large merged GP Practice in Lancashire providing services to approximately 54,000 patients. The Practice has a wide variety of clinical staff working alongside the GP’s, including Primary Care Pharmacists, Advanced Practitioners, Mental Health workers, Paramedics, Practice Nurses, Treatment Room Nurses, Assistant Practitioners, Health Care Assistants, Phlebotomists and Care Co-ordinators to […]

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Dragon top tips & commands

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 30th July 2019

Learning to dictate effectively using Dragon Voice Recognition can be a steep learning curve for some. However, this is often caused by lack of training. By using our guide below, you can minimise the time it takes for you to get up and running and dictating efficiently. Before you start Dictating Go through the Interactive […]

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5G rollout – a boon for remote workers?

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 12th June 2019

The much vaunted fifth-generation mobile network (5G) has finally arrived in the UK, to some fanfare. It doesn’t seem that long since 4G was launched and many (particularly rural) areas still lack coverage of this current standard. Nevertheless, progress marches on and the next generation is gradually being rolled out in selected cities by the […]

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Voice recognition improvements

Dispelling the myths of Voice Recognition

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 13th November 2018

Have common misconceptions and outdated complaints led to you avoiding Voice Recognition?   Bust the myths and read on…..   #1 I tried it years ago and it didn’t work Advantages in technology over recent years means that Voice Recognition is a far superior product when compared to its predecessors. It’s now faster, more intelligent and more efficient […]

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digital dictation data security

Protecting confidential patient data

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 16th June 2018

Ensuring safety of patients also includes protecting their confidential data. More than ever patients need the reassurance that their confidential information is kept safe and protected, and access is only made available to individuals as and when it’s appropriate. Embracing data and dictation security A great deal of the work carried out by healthcare providers […]

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Cloud Based Dictation

Getting smarter with your smartphone

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 22nd May 2018

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s not using a smartphone. On top of that, as apps like Siri and Cortana get more sophisticated, more and more of those smartphone users are turning to mobile voice technology. In fact, there is a big appetite for voice search in the UK, with 42% of new adopters […]

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Antimicrobial Voice Recorder

The antimicrobial effect

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 15th May 2018

What is antimicrobial? An antimicrobial is an agent that kills microorganisms or stops their growth. The main classes of antimicrobial agents are disinfectants (“nonselective antimicrobials” such as bleach), which kill a wide range of microbes on non-living surfaces to prevent the spread of illness, antiseptics (which are applied to living tissue and help reduce infection during surgery), and antibiotics (which destroy microorganisms within the […]

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Voice Recognition in the healthcare industry

How voice recognition technology can profoundly change the health care industry

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 1st May 2018

This is a steadily increasing age of digitisation of not just healthcare alone but just about all industries, in general. However, as with all technologies, there are considerable benefits of using voice recognition technology, but resistance to change is evident as well. However, the advantages are too diverse to be ignored. Let us see why […]

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Choose the right mobile dictation solution for your workflow

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 9th April 2018

Picture this: You’re in your car, and your last meeting ran over, so you’re running a few minutes behind. In your head, you are thinking through a list of everything you have to do, including taking notes about today’s meeting – “Remember that new budget number the client gave you! Tell Bob about the update […]

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Medical voice recognition system

GP partner prescribes ‘easy to use’ voice recognition

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 4th April 2018

GP Partner Hugh Reeve from Nutwood Medical Practice in Cumbria has piloted SpeechWrite voice recognition (integrated with EMIS) for 4 weeks and has given his insights below. “I have been using Dragon Dictate Medical on a trial basis for the last 4 weeks and have to say I am pretty impressed. The software was easily […]

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Still typing? Time’s wasting.

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 13th March 2018

It seems we are all busier than ever before. However, by taking an inventory of the tasks that don’t directly contribute to achieving your goals at work or at home, you can start eliminating the non-essential activities that contribute to your busyness and detract from your business. Typing is unequivocally one of these time-consuming tasks […]

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5 Reasons why artificial intelligence in healthcare makes a difference

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 21st February 2018

Nuance’s latest version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition boasts a host of artificial intelligence features but what does this really mean for GPs and practice teams dealing with challenges of the here and now; increasing workload and a demand for improved healthcare outcomes. Here we decode the AI jargon and explain 5 reasons why the […]

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Overcoming mic fright – Top tips

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 5th February 2018

Ever experienced “Mic Fright”? No worries, here are some tips how to tackle it. Many assume talking for dictation purposes is just like how you speak for day-to-day activities, but the transition from talking to transcription may be harder than you think. First-time dictation users can sometimes get flustered or uncomfortable when using dictation. Some […]

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Why dictate? The power of speech

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 19th January 2018

As more individuals catch themselves using microphones on their smartphones and home devices to dictate thoughts and send messages instead of typing, it’s evident that our preferences are shifting from typing to talking. This shift can be seen as over 5 million people have purchased the Amazon Echo and half of all searches will be […]

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Sheffield GP surgery transforms admin systems with innovative digital solution

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 6th December 2017

Baslow Road, Shoreham Street and York Road Surgery, a busy GP practice in Sheffield, was looking to upgrade its digital dictation system. The team of GPs, operating across all three sites, needed to turn around the dictation and transcribing of medical notes as quickly as possible to maximise efficiency and provide the best possible service […]

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SpeechWrite launches new, competitive PDF software challenger

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 18th August 2017

SpeechWrite PDF is now being offered by digital experts SpeechWrite as part of its document workflow suite of I.T solutions. The software has proven to be a solid alternative to more well-known solutions, which are often prohibitively expensive for businesses. The launch of SpeechWrite PDF is primarily targeting legal, financial and insurance companies, as historically […]

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83% of NHS staff report tangible efficiency improvements by going paperless

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 10th July 2017

The government’s aim is to ensure that the NHS will provide a fully digital health and social care records system by 2020. This challenging agenda is driven by the increased workload on health care workers, but also by the proven time savings that going digital repays its users. Benefits of digitalisation An enormous amount of […]

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GP practice takes note of progress with major digital dictation upgrade

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 21st June 2017

Forge Road Surgery near Wrexham has been one of a number of businesses and practices to have taken the plunge and replaced their old analogue dictation system. From GP surgeries, to solicitors and accountants, businesses have been looking at their IT set-ups and appraising how they can be improved, to make the customer experience more […]

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Medical Digital dictation and voice recognition

A paperless NHS by 2020 – Will GP surgeries be ready?

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 23rd May 2017

SpeechWrite Digital, a leading player in the digital dictation and workflow solutions market, has launched a survey to investigate how ready GP surgeries are to be part of a paperless NHS by 2020. The survey has been sent to over 8,000 GP surgeries nationwide and will identify the biggest challenges they face on the journey […]

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Voice Recognition EMIS Integration

Newcastle medical practices talk the talk with digital dictation technology and EMIS integration

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 2nd May 2017

Two busy Tyneside general practices, Parkway Medical Group and Holmside Medical Group, both Newcastle medical practices have upgraded their digital technology to integrate Enterprise Medical Speech Dictation software into the existing EMIS Web system, to completely modernise their digital dictation process. About Parkway and Holmside Medical Groups Dictation and document generation is a vital part […]

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GP Speech Recognition upgrade

Doctors’ notes transcribed with precision

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 2nd May 2017

A Warwickshire health centre has streamlined its GP dictation system by implementing digital voice recognition technology. Alcester Health Centre engaged SpeechWrite Digital to provide an upgrade to its dictation-to-text system. The new system directly links GPs to administrative staff, enabling medical reports and consultation notes to be verbally transcribed quickly into text. The centre has […]

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Voice Recognition time savings for doctors

Cumbria-based GP surgery saves time with new voice recognition technology

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 3rd May 2016

Working with SpeechWrite Digital, Shap Medical Practice, a busy, three-strong GP surgery, has freed up its administration team from intensive typing tasks. Its staff have recently adopted voice recognition software that produces instant typed text from a live voice recording. GPs can now generate typed and formatted correspondence themselves, decreasing reliance on clerical staff, which […]

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improving efficiencies in a medical practice

Cutting edge technology transforms efficiency at busy GP practice

Published by: bhdcreative at 6th May 2015

Ellesmere Medical Practice has improved efficiency and service for thousands of patients in rural Shropshire, by recently introducing a digital dictation solution alongside voice recognition technology. The upgrade, which creates an instant voice-to-text document, was achieved in collaboration with speech processing specialists SpeechWrite Digital. Switch from Analogue to Digital Staff have always relied on the […]

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Healthcare team gives itself a digital makeover for Christmas

Published by: bhdcreative at 12th April 2013

Working with SpeechWrite Digital, St Anne’s Group Practice has upgraded its workflow management system across its two sites in Kent, to create digitalised patient documentation securely, accurately and efficiently. It has also appointed SpeechWrite Outsource transcription service to provide a modular add-on typing resource, in order to maximise the effectiveness of the practice’s internal administrative […]

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Medical practice digital dictation efficiency

Midlands GP surgery energises service and streamlines efficiency

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 3rd April 2013

Following a consultation with SpeechWrite Digital, Sherwood House Medical Centre in Edgbaston recently upgraded its digital dictation system. Already an established user of a Philips digital dictation solution, the practice has adopted SpeechWrite Pro, which prioritises clerical tasks, and added SpeechWrite Voice, a leading voice recognition engine, which allows doctors to dictate medical notes quickly. […]

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