Latest News & Blog: June 2017

GP practice takes note of progress with major digital dictation upgrade

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 21st June 2017

Forge Road Surgery near Wrexham has been one of a number of businesses and practices to have taken the plunge and replaced their old analogue dictation system. From GP surgeries, to solicitors and accountants, businesses have been looking at their IT set-ups and appraising how they can be improved, to make the customer experience more […]

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Warwick solicitors digital upgrade dictated by technological progress

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 8th June 2017

Warwick-based law firm Moore & Tibbits Limited has transformed its workflow system by upgrading its digital solution to suit its remote working requirement. Dictating lengthy documents and emailing them for transcription, often via mobile phone with a patchy WiFi signal, was inefficient and time-consuming so the firm’s productivity had been suffering. After consultation with digital […]

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Law firm voice recognition upgrade

Warwickshire law firm makes a quantum leap into a digital future

Published by: SpeechWrite Digital at 2nd June 2017

When Leamington Spa-based solicitors Blythe Liggins discovered its analogue dictation and transcription system was becoming outdated, the only option was to look at upgrading to digital. In a modern age where phones and tablets are as sophisticated as computers, using tapes to record dictation for transcription had begun to seem slightly archaic. Switch from Analogue […]

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